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Recipe: Vegan seed burger

I love cooking simply and without recipes. I get to use my imagination and use up whats in the fridge! This one below is so very simple. I grated carrot (purple and yellow) and zucchini, added pepita's (pumpkin) seeds and quinoa flour. I added enough water so i would be able to press the mix into flat patty shapes with my hands. I did this when I got home and let it sit for half an hour while I got changed. This is so the quinoa and chia seeds would swell and bind with everything. You can add flavours to it like herbs and spices, grated turmeric and tamari (soy sauce).

Now just cook! I heat the pan first, add enough oil so it doesn't stick and they will take about 5 mins on each side and turn a yummy golden brown colour. ENJOY!

Simple vegan burger made from seeds

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