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There are a range of tests that are available from which I can gain relevant information in order to formulate the best treatment plan for you.

Salivary Hormone Test

This tests for active levels of the hormones progesterone, all 3 oestrogens, testosterone, DHEA's, cortisol and melatonin. It costs $126. This test is important for those who have menstrual and fertility concerns, low libido, mood swings, sleep troubles, weight gain and who experience stress and anxiety.

600 Food Test

This test will determine what foods and the common hygiene items such as moisturisers that create stress in your body and therefore show up as allergies, gut problems, anxiety, skin issues, headaches/migraines, fatigue, sleep issues and hormone dysregulation. For just $210, it's a great way to take the guess work out of what to eat and what not to eat for your body so you can get on with your life. 

Hair Mineral Analysis

Used to detect your heavy metal toxicity and any mineral deficiencies you have that will be compromising your health. Cost is $190 (includes initial express appointment). Then you will need a 30 min consult to discuss the results.

Genetic Testing

Genetic abnormalities can have a massive impact on fertility, energy and general health. Most of which are effectively treated with dietary and nutritional therapy.

Digestive Testing

Testing your microbiome and other digestive markers will tell us if you have parasites or other infections in your GIT, leaky gut or bacterial overgrowth/undergrowth that may be contributing to you digestive distress.


This is a simple urine test, which tests for signs of infection, blood, proteins, pH, glucose and other markers which give insights into kidney health, blood sugar balance and general well-being. Included at no cost in your first consult when indicated.

There are more available tests that I may recommend if necessary or requested by you.

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