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Your Brain Waves

It is know widely known within the scientific community that the wide range of artificial Electromagnetic frequencies we are surrounded by every day interrupts the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth. This is compounded by the limited time we spend simply being in nature and the amount of devices we have near us such as mobile phones and other electrical devices as well as the strong frequency of wifi. This can cause us to feel tired, stressed and irritable.

With each session with the Ajna light, you will experience deep relaxation and accelerated healing as your body quickly resonates with the particular brain wave state frequency that is chosen.  It can also be thought of as a training session, where your body re-learns how to become calm, still and relaxed for a clearer mind, better memory, improved energy and much more.

DELTA 1 - 4Hz

This is a deep trance like, non-physical state, loss of body awareness, where you can access the unconscious and 'collective' unconscious state.
It is the deepest and most physically restorative portion of sleep, growth hormone released for growth and repair.


Delta Waves are associated with the unconscious mind. They normally occur in our deep sleep phases while humans are not dreaming. They can also occur in very deep meditations, but it is very hard to stay conscious during these meditations and such deep levels of meditation are rather hard to reach in our everyday lives.

Delta waves are also associated with our intuition. People who seem to always know how other people feel have a lot of delta brainwave activity. People who suffer from ADD or ADHD have too much delta wave activity. It is not advisable to increase delta waves in these people.

Delta waves play an irreplaceable role in intuition and understanding others on an emotional level. Delta waves can be seen as a "radar". For example, people with high delta wave activity sometimes seem to always know how a person is feeling even though he/she might be hiding his/her feelings. Another phenomenon is that sometimes you know that someone is going to call you or you know you are going to meet someone randomly in town and then it really happens.

There are a number of benefits from increasing delta waves in your brain. Not only are they of an emotional or intuitive nature, there are also special chemicals released that are vital for a healthy living (such as the human growth hormone).
Some benefits associated with Delta Brainwaves...

  • Release of Anti-Aging Hormones – When people reach the lower frequencies of delta waves, their brain starts producing important hormones for a healthy life and simultaneously, cortisol levels decrease, which is often present in stressed persons. In the lay public, cortisol is known as a “stress hormone”. One of the main jobs of cortisol is to increase the glucose concentration in the blood to make more energy readily available to the muscles during exercise but an excess amount is not valuable to our system.

  • State of Empathy – People with a healthy delta wave activity generally are more emotional, they enhance and activate the innate healing powers to restore the body from injuries and to stabilise the mind.

  • H.G.H. Release – The human growth hormone is released while tuning into 1.05Hz. That hormone is responsible for cell regeneration. Tuning into a delta frequency helps the immune systems to work better and more efficiently.

  • Connection to the Unconscious Mind – Delta waves are associated with the unconscious mind. Increasing delta waves generally helps to make people feel more connected with themselves, have a better intuition and sometimes restore long forgotten memories and feelings.

  • Deepest possible level of Relaxation is reached – Rarely, people are aware of these deep levels of relaxation, because it is very hard to stay awake. In any case, it is highly likely that you will feel super restored after a Delta wave session.

  • Extreme Bliss – Extreme states of bliss were reported in advanced meditators. In deep meditations, these people felt an inexplicable feeling of bliss.

  • Advanced Healing of Body and Mind – When people increase their delta wave activity in mediations they enhance and activate the innate healing powers to restore the body from injuries and to stabilise the mind. This makes sense since delta waves are mostly present in deep sleep and as we all know, in such deep phases of sleep, the body regenerates and our mind turns off.

  • Paranormal Experiences – Sometimes, our mind creates unusual events at such deep levels of consciousness. Out of body experiences can happen.

THETA 4 – 8Hz

In this state you are drowsy and drifting into sleep, dreams, REM sleep. There is an increase in the production of catecholamines, (vital for memory and learning) and increased creativity.
There is an integration of emotional experiences, changes in behaviour and increased retention of learned material in this state as well as hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation and access to unconscious mind.

Theta waves play a very important role in the human mind, self-healing abilities and in super-learning. They represent the subconscious mind and everything that has to do with it.

Theta waves play a key role in meditation. When we start to shut off our busy minds and simply concentrate on either our breathing or something else, the amount of beta brainwaves reduce to a minimum and our brain produces a lot more alpha and theta waves. After some time, when the meditator accesses the theta state of mind, creativity and learning are enhanced and you might also have visions of very personal pictures. A therapist may often guide the patient to a deep theta mindset as this can be very useful to treat difficult mental problems. Theta is also a very receptive mental state that has proven useful for hypnotherapy, as well as self-hypnosis using recorded affirmations and suggestions.

Theta waves mostly occur, when we aren't actively thinking. They nearly always occur in sleep when we are dreaming and in meditation and activities that don't require brain activity. However, theta brainwaves also occur when our brain is creative.

People, who are engaging in creative activities such as art, music, designing, cooking, have a lot of theta (and alpha) brainwave activity. Creativity is a subconscious process and thus the mind has a lot of theta waves.

The opposite of this occurs when we are stressed out. There is a lot more time spent in the beta brainwave state of mind. The outcome of this is a decrease in alpha and theta waves which results from not having enough time to allow to connect to our emotional selves or to our creative side.

Having a healthy amount of theta and alpha waves are necessary to be able to "access" our subconscious mind.

Some benefits associated with theta brainwaves...

  • Reduced anxiety

  • A sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe

  • Vivid visualisations, great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight.


It is at the alpha-theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz, where the optimal range for visualisation, mind programming and using the creative power of your mind begins. It’s the mental state in which you consciously create your reality. At this frequency, you are conscious of your surroundings. However, your body is in deep relaxation.

ALPHA 8 - 12Hz

This is a state of super learning, deep relaxation, focus, light trance, increased serotonin production, pre-sleep or pre-waking drowsiness, the time when we begin to drift into meditation and the beginning of access to unconscious mind. It is internally directed, non-linear mental activity.

Alpha waves can be seen as the "relaxing waves". Besides being quite relaxing, they also have an extremely important role to play in the human mind. They work as a bridge between the subconscious part of the mind (theta waves) and the conscious part of the mind (beta waves).

Alpha waves typically occur when we get up in the morning and just before sleep or when we are lying on the couch with closed eyes and simply taking time for ourselves. They also occur in early stages of meditation when we clear our mind.

Information, feelings, creativity and memories which are deep down in one's mind, cannot become conscious if there is no bridge (no alpha waves) between the two states of mind.

There are a number of benefits of alpha waves. The most obvious are that we become calmer and more relaxed. Alpha waves have many effects on the body. For example, they slow down the heart rate, which allows it more time to regenerate. Alpha waves also have a very positive effect when studying, they are known to enhance one’s ability to learn and retain information.

There is a phenomenon called "Alpha Block". It occurs, when someone has very little or no alpha wave activity usually resulting from being stressed out over a longer period of time. Alpha activity has been connected to the ability to recall very personal (blocked) memories, to lessen discomfort and pain, and also to reductions in stress and anxiety.

EEG tests have shown that people experiencing an Alpha Block have a lot of theta brainwave activity going on (because there are so many locked away memories or unfulfilled subconscious needs) but a minimal amount of alpha waves. To access the deep lying information, they will need to increase their alpha waves.

Some benefits associated with Alpha Brainwaves...

  • Pain relief

  • Stress/ Anxiety reduction

  • Memory improvement

  • Lucid, blissful mental states

  • Good for people who experience migraines


BETA 12 - 30Hz

This is a state of concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition and occurs when we are engaged in conversation.
Higher levels of Beta waves are associated with anxiety, disease, feelings of separation, fight or flight and externally directed linear thinking mental activity.

Beta waves are the "normal" state of brainwaves. They are not as exciting as the other brainwaves, but they are extremely important. Beta brainwaves mainly occur, when we are awake and doing a task that involves active thinking. Beta waves are linked to the conscious mind. When we are awake and doing our job, studying, solving problems and so on, we are normally in the Beta brainwave state.

In Western society, people often work a lot and the consequence is that they feel stressed and become depressed or in the worst case, burnt-out. In terms of brainwaves, these people are mostly in a beta brainwave state. This leads to too much cortisol (a stress hormone that is very unhealthy if there is an overload), stress and a decrease in general health and the inability to turn off the mind, sleeping disorders and so on. So, increasing beta brainwaves in stressed people can will make those symptoms worse.

Such people would benefit to increase the amounts of their alpha and theta waves. This will allow them time to relax and start producing more of the other two brainwaves.

There are a number of benefits of having a healthy amount of beta brainwaves or increasing them:

  • Motivation: It is said that increasing beta waves in students who are demotivated with studying, can be a true motivation boost. Many people have confirmed this. Beta brainwaves also help to focus and concentrate.

  • Enhancement of language and reading skills: Studies have shown that if people are exposed to beta brainwaves for a certain period of time, they can increase their linguistic skills, (besides concentration and mathematical thinking), as well as written skills.

  • Effective treatment against ADD: EEG's have shown that people with ADD have little to no beta brainwave activity. So, it is very hard for such people to stay focused on a task. Studies have shown that if they are exposed to a form of beta brainwaves, they will eventually become more focused and ADD vanishes, as their brain starts to produce beta brainwave states automatically and naturally.

  • Reduces Fatigue


GAMMA 30 – 100Hz

This is a state of hyper brain activity, especially great for learning.

Gamma waves are typically of a high frequency and amplitude. Gamma brainwaves are one of the fastest waves that reach all parts of the brain and they are associated with the formation of ideas, language and memory processing, and various types of learning.

Usually, people do not produce these brainwaves under normal circumstances. These brainwaves were mostly found in those with a very high IQ and also in meditators who had been practicing loving kindness meditation. As it seems, gamma waves either occur in very intelligent people or in those people who experience unconditional love. It has been observed that Buddhist monks who started to practice the loving kindness meditation almost immediately at will produced gamma brainwaves.

So, in essence, gamma brainwaves occur when there is an unusually high brain activity.

Benefits of Gamma Waves

  • Increased focus on tasks, freedom from distractibility

  • Better learning: Since the brain is so super-active, people are able to learn faster and information is processed at a much higher rate.

  • Increase of short term memory

  • Studies have shown that gamma brainwave therapy was successful in treating


  • Bliss: People have feelings of extreme bliss. A high amount of gamma waves work like an anti-depressant.

  • Compassion: People tend to have a profound compassion towards other people.

  • Enhanced Senses: It seems that the senses work better and reality is perceived more vividly and there is a significant improvement in cognitive behaviour.



The Schumann resonances  are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum.Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The Schumann Resonance vibrates at an average pulse of 7.83 Hz and it is said to be the heartbeat of mother earth.

Benefits of Schumann resonance:

  • Increase in human growth hormone and cerebral blood flow.

  • Deeper connection to the frequency of the earth

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