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Hi there,  I'm Jesabe,

...and I believe that we all can have greater energy, better health and a life we love.

Perhaps you have been to a health practitioner and have been told there is nothing wrong or been to many specialists with no clear answers as to what is going on for you. Maybe you haven't felt heard, valued and understood.

My passion is to give you clarity on your health concerns and direction moving towards your best and healthiest life.

Let's work together for your best health!

I help those who work with me to 

  • Feel heard, valued and understood

  • Have clarity and understanding on their health concerns

  • Feel empowered in their health so they can feel more confident in life

  • Feel less stressed, anxious and overwhelmed 

  • Have the courage and energy to live their best life! 

Sound good?

Ongoing support

  • Follow-up consultations

  • Free resources to help you stay healthy and well

  • Optional paid resources for those who want extra support to fast track their health journey

What people come to see me for:

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Stress and  anxiety

  • Gut problems

  • Hormone problems

  • Nutrition support


My intention is to EMPOWER you with tools and

resources so that you feel confident in the

ongoing management of your health.

With care for your BEST health,



Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist

B.Nat ANTA 13815

Meditation and Qi Gong Teacher

Breathwork trained

I have experienced depression, anxiety, skin issues, menstrual concerns, insomnia, fatigue and IBS. I have lived through a lot of health problems and now feel confident and empowered in my mind and body and am super passionate to help you. It is my mission to help people to live their BEST life with my personal and clinical experience. I would love to share my tools and resources with you so you can have the health and life you want.

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