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My top 5 Foods That Calm & De-Stress

I absolutely know that we can help to heal our body naturally with whole foods. There are many foods that I eat every week that nourish my body and I am going to share with you my top 5 and the reasons why. 1: Pumpkin (pepita) seeds. These small green seeds are packed with nutrients the most important being Zinc. This essential mineral is needed to calm the mind by assisting in the production of happy brain chemicals.

2: Quinoa. This ancient seed is high in fibre and protein, which greatly helps to balance our blood sugar levels. PMS, mood swings, fatigue and weight gain plus many other conditions are highly influenced by our blood sugar levels and can be managed and prevented by keeping these levels on track.

3: Turmeric. This highly valued plant produces a powerful medicinal root, which has been used for thousands of years to maintain good health and to treat disease. It plays an important role in calming and de-stressing the mind as it is a strong anti-inflammatory and studies now show that many mental health conditions have an inflammatory cause.

4: Leafy greens. I love leafy greens! They contain many nutrients required for the mind but most importantly, they are an excellent source of dietary fibre and have a high water content. These factors keep our bowel motions moving and prevents stagnation, which can lead to the re-absorption of toxins that were meant to be eliminated. These toxins can affect our mood and our sense of well-being. Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, chard and bok choy are quick and easy to cook with - just cut up and steam and serve with your protein such as fish, eggs or legumes. Easy!

5: Flaxseeds (linseeds). These tiny seeds boast an amazing array of benefits. They contain beneficial oils that convert to omega 3's in the body - critical for a calm mind; they have a high fibre content, which feeds our healthy gut flora and keeps everything moving through and they are a very high source of phytoestrogens. When our oestrogen levels are too low or too high we can feel more stressed out by minor things and experience mood swings but luckily, flaxseeds have been shown to naturally balance our oestrogen levels. Just add to smoothies and to cakes and slices as the flaxseed meal. Great!

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