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Herbs for Medicinal and Culinary Delight.

Herbs are the leafy green part of plants and contain a whole host of aromatic and medicinal compounds. It was once commonplace to have dozens of herbs growing in the garden to be used as medicine as well as for cooking.

Today, these herbs are commonly bought in their dried form and there are many to choose from. You may be familiar with the herb Oregano which is commonly used in pasta or pizza sauce. The word Oregano actually originated in Greece meaning ‘Mountain of Joy’ and was originally used in ceremony as a symbol of happiness. Oregano has a strong flavour with a hint of mint and is delicious when steeped in olive oil with dried chilli, dried thyme and dried rosemary. Keep in the fridge to add mix to any tomato based pasta sauce or pizza base.This oil mix is very medicinal as Oregano strengthens the immune system, Rosemary is important for coughs and bronchitis and Chilli is high in anti-oxidants.

Other essential herbs to keep in your cupboard include Pau D’arco, Echinacea and Green tea, these immune boosting herbs make a pleasant tea and are especially flavoursome if you add the sweet-tasting dried Rosella flowers, Licorice root or Peppermint. Green tea is excellent for your mind as it increases the happy neurotransmitter Dopamine, it can reduce anxiety and increase your energy levels.

Dried Rooibos makes an excellent herbal tea and can be used as a black tea substitute and is delicious with your milk and sweetener of choice or with a squeeze of lemon. Rooibos is very healthy choice, as it contains no caffeine, protects your heart and can assist with reducing aging of the brain.

So whether you add herbs to your food or drink as a tea, you are doing your body a huge favour and potentially adding many healthy years to your life.

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