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Food diversity = happiness

There is something magical that happens when we mix up our foods, widen our culinary boundary and add more colour to our plate. We get a hit of dopamine!

Dopamine is our feel good brain neurotransmitter that is released when we try new experiences, when we're being creative and when we complete projects. This can mean eating out at a new restaurant, trying a new recipe or when we experiment in the kitchen with colourful and unfamiliar ingredients.

Food diversity is also essential to our gut flora and when we eat the same foods week in week out, we are much more prone to food sensitivities.

Perhaps the most important reason to eat a wide range of plant foods is that each plant as its own unique set of nutrients. You can only get a high dose of selenium form brazil nuts and the anti-oxidant selenium is only found in a handful of foods such as sun-dried tomatoes, watermelon and pawpaw.

So, colour up your plate, expand your food choices and feel more alive for it!

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